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◆ Product name:  Plastic Hopper Dry-wet feeder

◆ Use function:Feeding Fattening pigs

◆ Size:1170*710MM

◆ Hopper volume:140L/100KG

◆ Weight of pigs:30-110KG

◆ Suitable feed: Powder feed or Granular feed

◆ Material of feed tray: SUS304,Thickness:1.0mm

◆ Size of feed tray:700*470*100MM

◆ Material of Hopper:PE

◆ Plastic Hopper Technology:Injection molding

◆ Weight:27.5KG

◆ Material of Bracket:Hot dip galvanizing of steel plate after welding

Other configurations:Two stainless steel water pipes are provided on both sides of the  dry-wet feeder.

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