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ShanDong Tengyue Shangqingtai Agriculture And Animal Husbandry Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern farming equipment manufacturer integrating design, development and production. It has a professional team engaged in R & D and production of breeding equipment for more than 15 years, and has rich practical experience in product design concept and manufacturing technology,


Can skillfully provide professional technical solutions for relevant equipment according to customer requirements

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Sep 15th,2022

Purebred Breeding Of Pigs

Pure breeding of pigs refers to breeding and breeding within the same breed. Pure breed breeding can not only provide material for pig breeding,

Aug 17th,2022

Fattening Techniques Of Beef Cattle

Beef cattle fattening is based on the growth and development law of beef cattle, scientific application of feed and management technology,

Aug 3rd,2022

Nutrients Required By Sheep

Nutrients Required by Sheep In order to maintain their own growth and development, sheep must take nutrients from the external environment to maintain the need for normal activities of the body,

Jul 1st,2022

Methods Of Seed Selection Of Layer

The purpose of breeding is to make the chicken gene homozygous, the production traits tend to be consistent, and the production performance indicators continue to improve.



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