Purebred Breeding Of Pigs

Jan 1st,1970

Purebred Breeding Of Pigs:

Pure breeding of pigs refers to breeding and breeding within the same breed. Pure breed breeding can not only provide material for pig breeding, but also provide excellent parents for economic hybridization of pigs. It can not only maintain and develop the excellent characteristics of a variety or strain, overcome individual shortcomings, continuously improve production performance, but also maintain the purity of the variety or strain, expand the proportion of excellent individuals within the variety, and expand the population.

一、Breeding and improvement of purebred pigs

1. The Significance of Pure bred Pig Breeding in Economic Crossbreeding:

The technology and production of pig breeding are constantly developing, and the pure breeding is gradually improving. These factors play an increasingly important role in the economic hybridization of pigs. The improvement of pure breeding and the interactive use of hybridization can greatly improve productivity. The purpose of producing fine pure seeds is to obtain high yield hybrids. Without pure seeds, there would be no hybrids. It can be seen that it is very important to improve the breeding of purebred pigs. In addition, there are many economic traits with high heritability, and the breeding effect of purebred pigs is better, while the type of traits with insignificant heterosis should be improved in the parent population.

2. Selection of breeding pigs

1) Selection of breeding boar

(1) Appearance identification

(2) Reproductive function

(3) Main economic characteristics


3. Selection of breeding sows

(1) Appearance identification

(2) Reproductive performance

二、Selection of purebred pigs

1. Concept and function of selection

Selection refers to the artificial control of pig pairing, so that excellent individuals can get more mating opportunities, and good genes can be recombined better to promote the improvement and improvement of the pig population. Selection can create necessary variation, create conditions for breeding new ideal pigs, stabilize heredity, fix ideal traits, grasp the direction of variation, and promote certain variation. Proper selection can promote strengths and circumvent weaknesses. By selecting male and female pigs with good affinity for mating, better offspring can be obtained.

2. Selection method

1) Quality matching

(1) Homogeneous matching

(2) Heterogeneous mating

(3) Consanguinity selection


三、 Breeding

1. Breeding method:

(1) Free mating

(2) Artificial assisted mating


2. Artificial insemination:

2. 1 Breeding method:

1) Single mating

2) Repeated mating

3) Double mating

4) Multiple breeding

3. Implementation of breeding

Whether it is collective pig raising or farmers' pig raising, the breeding plan for the pig herd should be done first, and the on-site organization should be done well. The delivery system should be determined, the breeding plan should be formulated, and the breeding preparation should be done well.


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