Nutrients Required By Sheep

Jan 1st,1970

Nutrients Required by Sheep In order to maintain their own growth and development, sheep must take nutrients from the external environment to maintain the need for normal activities of the body, that is, nutrients obtained from feed are transformed into tissues of the body to form livestock products or provide heat energy. Therefore, the process of sheep production is the transformation of material and energy.

The nutrients needed for the growth, development and production of sheep mainly include protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, vitamins and water.

1、 Protein

Protein, which is connected by many amino acids, is indispensable for maintaining life, growth and reproduction, and must be supplied from feed.

2、 Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is the main component of plants and the most important energy source in livestock and poultry feed

3、 Fat

Fat is an important component of body tissues. All organs and tissues contain fat

4、 Minerals

All parts of the body of sheep contain minerals, accounting for 3%~5% of the body weight. Minerals are important components of body tissues and cells, especially bones, and essential nutrients to ensure health, maintain growth and reproduction for production

5、 Vitamins

Vitamins are necessary for maintaining normal physiological functions, and their main function is to control and regulate metabolism. Vitamin deficiency can cause disorder of nutrient metabolism in the body

6、 Water

Water is the main component of body fluid, which has special effect on normal material metabolism. Water is needed for various physiological activities such as digestion, absorption, transportation and metabolism of nutrients in the body. In addition, water can regulate body temperature and keep it constant. Water also participates in various biochemical reactions in the body. Regulate the osmotic pressure in the body and maintain the normal morphology of cells. Long term insufficient drinking water will cause water shortage of tissues and organs, weakened digestive function, decreased appetite, affect metabolism in the body, and even cause death in serious cases


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