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◆ Product name: Farrowing Crate;

◆ Size (L*W):2400x1800MM;

◆ Material of Piglet Fence:φ20x25MM steel tube &10MM Solid round steel welded and hot dip galvanized;

◆ Material of Sow Fence:φ32*2.5mm steel tube, welded and hot dip galvanized.

◆ Floor for Piglet:1200x450MM BMC Floor

◆ Floor for Sow:1200x600MM BMC Floor

◆ Piglet Drinker: SUS304 Round bowl

◆ Sow Drinker:Button drinker + SST tube;

◆ Piglet Feeder:Plastic;

◆ Sow Feeder:420*350*230MM, 304 stainless steel stretch feeder;

◆ Warm Cover:Plastic material;

◆ Heating Device:250W infrared bulb + cast aluminum lampshade



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