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Product Parameters

Model NoSizeHeightMaterialMeter WeightColor
SQT-FRPB00680x5x30MM80MMFRP resin, glass fiber1.14KG/MWhite / Grey
SQT-FRPB007100x5x25MM100MMFRP resin, glass fiber1.13KG/MWhite / Grey
SQT-FRPB008120x5x25MM120MMFRP resin, glass fiber1.36KG/MWhite / Grey
SQT-FRPB009120x5x30MM120MMFRP resin, glass fiber1.48KG/MWhite / Grey
SQT-FRPB010115x5.5x44.5MM115MMFRP resin, glass fiber1.85KG/MWhite / Grey
SQT-FRPB011135x5.5x44MM135MMFRP resin, glass fiber1.75KG/MWhite / Grey
SQT-FRPB012127x6.35x44MM127MMFRP resin, glass fiber1.9KG/MWhite / Grey
SQT-FRPB013165x6.2x44MM165MMFRP resin, glass fiber2.14KG/MWhite / Grey
SQT-FRPB014200*5*44MM200MMFRP resin, glass fiber2.4KG/MWhite / Grey

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