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Product Parameters :

◆ Main engine: 304 stainless steel outer skin assembly, nodular cast iron main engine wheel, Taiwan brand gear reduction motor motor, new inlaid bearing main engine.

◆ Corner wheel: the outer surface is made of 201 stainless steel and the inner surface is made of nodular cast iron.

◆ Control box: integrated microcomputer distribution box, made of precision plastic steel, integrated microcomputer control, with functions of wrong items, missing items, loose rope, end-to-end restoration of board, and over range protection;

◆ Fecal scraping board: flat scraping board, all 304 stainless steel plates;

◆ Steel wire rope: 304 stainless steel, 10mm thick;

◆ Accessories: travel switch travel switch bracket, motor line signal line expansion screw, etc.

Scene Usage Diagram :


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