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Model NoDimensionsMaterial of ShellShell ThicknessFan blade materialBlade thicknessFan blade diameterMotor powerMotor speedFan blade speedFan air volumeFan noiseMotor voltageWeight
SQT-CF001300MM304 stainless steel1.0mm aluminum plate stamping (4 leaves)1.0mm290mm100W1400 rpm1400 rpm2800>60380v220v6 KG
SQT-CF002 400MM304 stainless steel1.0mmaluminum plate stamping (4 leaves)1.0mm390mm 120W1400 rpm1400 rpm3800>65380v220v8 KG
SQT-CF003500MM304 stainless steel1.0mmaluminum plate stamping (5 leaves)1.0mm490mm180W1400 rpm1400 rpm4200>70380v220v9 KG
SQT-CF004 600MM304 stainless steel1.0mm4.aluminum plate stamping (5 leaves)1.2mm 590mm0.55kw1400 rpm1400 rpm10.1211.>80380v20 KG

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