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Product Parameters

Model NoProduct NameDisc DiaHole DiaGrinderWeight
SQT-HTD001  4 Blades Disc-Iφ120MMφ22.2MM125 Grinder310g
SQT-HTD0024 Blades Disc-Ilφ100MMφ22.2MM125 Grinder300g
SQT-HTD0034 Blades Disc-Illφ100MMφ22.2MM125 Grinder180g
SQT-HTD0046 Blades Disc-lφ120MMφ22.2MM125 Grinder330g
SQT-HTD0057 Blades Disc-lφ100MMφ22.2MM125 Grinder290g
SQT-HTD006 7 Blades Disc-llφ100MMφ22.2MM125 Grinder250g
SQT-HTD0078 Blades Disc-Iφ100MMφ22.2MM125 Grinder260g
SQT-HTD0088 Blades Disc-IIφ100MMφ22.2MM125 Grinder254g

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