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◆ Specification: The female ear tag (14#) length 75mm, width 60mm, round male ear tag(3#) diameter 28mm , height 22mm.

◆ Material: main body modified polyurethane (TPU), polyether, public standard insert zinc alloy material.

◆ Weight:The female ear tag about 6.6g; The round male ear tag about 2.16G.

◆ Applicable temperature: - 40-80 ℃.

◆ Applicable to livestock: large and medium-sized animals such as cows, beef cattle, yaks, horses, donkeys, deer, camels and so on.

◆ Package quantity: 1500 sets/box(100pcs / bag of female ear tag, 100pcs/bag of male ear tag).

◆ Packing weight 14.7kg/box.

◆ Package specification: 46cm * 33cm * 26cm.

◆ Color: white, yellow, red, green, blue, orange.

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