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◆ Specification: length 143mm, width 19mm

◆ Material: main body modified polyurethane (TPU) plastic coating, integrated molding, insert zinc alloy material

◆ Packaging process: secondary injection molding

◆ Weight: about 5.1g.

◆ Antenna chip: az9610 H3

◆ Standard: G2n 18000-6c

◆ Memory: 64-512bit

◆ Working mode: read / write

◆ Operating frequency: 915khz

◆ Reading and writing distance: 1 ~ 4m (the power of the reader and writer has a great impact on the environment, up to 5M)

◆ Service life: 10 years

◆ Reading and writing times: 100000 times

◆ Applicable temperature: - 25-70 ℃

◆ Applicable to livestock: animal management, population breeding, epidemic prevention and control, quarantine, rare species tracking and other fields

◆ Package quantity: 100pcs / bag, 2500 sets/ box

◆ Package size: 50cm * 40cm * 40cm

◆ Packing weight: 14.5kg/box

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