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◆  Lamp cover material:Nylon PA6

◆  switch:Third gear switch(High, off, low)

◆  Lamp holder:High quality ceramics

◆  Lamp ring:full spiral

◆  Material of conductive sheet and lamp ring:copper

◆  Wire material:PVC,

◆  Wire core specification:2x0.75,Total length:2.5m,Length of wire outside:2.4m。

◆  Lampshade material:Aluminum sheet;

◆  Lampshade thickness:1.0MM

◆  Lampshade diameter:φ215MM

◆  Lampshade surface treatment:Electrode oxidation treatment

◆  Lampshade color:Silver

◆  Light net material:Iron wire, nickel plated surface

◆  Chain material:Iron

◆  Chain surface treatment:Galvanizing,

◆  Chain length:2m(Equipped with installation hook)

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