Raising and management of breeding boars

Jan 1st,1970

Raising and management of breeding boars


1、 Production characteristics of breeding boars


Breeding boars are produced to provide high-quality semen. guru fusion feeder box system bag.Good boars and sows are the basis for obtaining a large number of high-quality piglets, and the role of boars in mass production is more important. Under the condition of self-mating (natural mating), adult boars can bear the breeding task of 30-40 sows every year, and its offspring can reach hundreds. If artificial insemination is adopted, its offspring can reach 1000 or more. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the breeding and management of breeding boars to provide high-quality semen for pig production.


2、 Principles of breeding boar feeding management


(1) Formulate appropriate feed formula for breeding boars


The most important point of breeding boars is to make them have a strong and healthy body. Therefore, in the process of feed formula selection and feed preparation, it is necessary to first consider the requirements of breeding boars for various nutrients, and select the feed formula suitable for the growth and production of breeding boars.


(2) Moderate exercise


Proper exercise is necessary to ensure that breeding boars have strong sexual desire. It can not only maintain the normal physiological metabolism of boars, improve the quantity and quality of semen, but also make all parts of the body develop in a balanced way through exercise, improve the quality of the body, and prevent the occurrence of various foot and limb diseases and other diseases.


(3) Tuning


After sexual maturity, breeding boars often cross each other and masturbate, which may cause damage to the reproductive organs of breeding boars and affect their breeding value. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of training in time to correct their incorrect posture and actions during mating or artificial sperm collection. For the breeding boar used for artificial semen collection, the breeding boar should be familiar with various instruments, sow tables and the standard actions of the operators during the training process to avoid damage during the semen collection process.


3、 Breeding management and use of boars


(1) Feeding and management


Breeding boars must be fed with feed of different nutritional levels according to their physical condition (such as weight, age, etc.)matrix double sided feeder box. and breeding busy. Young breeding boars (less than 2 years old) with large weight and in the growing period and breeding boars in the breeding season have high requirements for feed, so the feed is required to be comprehensive in nutrition, high in nutrient content and easy to digest and absorb. The amount of concentrate feed is also more than that of other pigs. Whether the breeding boar can maintain strong body, strong sexual desire and lively spirit all the year round, and whether it can produce high-quality semen with high quality and large quantity is the standard to test the feeding effect.


Breeding boars should be fed once a day in the morning, middle and evening. During the feeding process, the proper combination of juicy feed and green feed can enhance the appetite of breeding boars, improve their food intake, and provide them with a large amount of vitamins and trace elements. They are allowed to drink freely after feeding. In the breeding season, appropriate animal protein feed (such as small fish, shrimp, silkworm pupa, worm pupa or egg) should be added to the diet of breeding boars to maintain and improve the quality of semen. When the weather is sunny, especially after late feeding, it is best to put the breeding boar into the playground and let it exercise for one or two hours.


(2) Reasonable utilization


The breeding of breeding boars should be carried out in a planned way, especially in the peak season of breeding, and the breeding boars should be used reasonably.


The use of breeding boars should be reasonably arranged according to the age, young and physical strength. Healthy reserve boars can be used for breeding when they are 1 year old. During the whole use period of breeding boars, 1-2 years old is the youth stage, and is still in the period of continuous development. They can be mated 1-2 times a week, and 2-5 years old is the mature stage. They are fully developed and have strong reproductive function. Under the condition of good nutritional conditions, they can be mated 1-2 times a day, preferably once in the morning and once in the evening. If there are more sows to be mated, the breeding boar can be mated with 2 sows continuously, but this intensity cannot be sustained for a long time. Generally, it takes 2-3 days off every week and cooperates with good breeding and management. For boars over 5 years old and old, they can be used once every 1-2 days. All breeding work should be carried out before early or late feeding, so as not to affect the effect of breeding. During the whole breeding season, we must pay attention to the nutrition of breeding boars. After breeding, we can feed them one egg to keep them strong.


Artificial sperm collection technology: adult boars collect sperm 4 days a week, 1-2 times a day, and then rest. If the boar is used for the first time, or has not been used for a period of time, the semen collected for the first time should be discarded, because the sperm stored in the body for a long time has low vitality and poor semen quality.


4、 Some problems in breeding boar feeding management


(1) Self-masturbation of breeding boars


Some pig breeds have early sexual maturity, strong sexual desire, and are prone to form the habit of masturbation (abnormal sexual ejaculation). Measures such as single-pen feeding, keeping the male and female pig houses as far away as possible, and separating the breeding point from the pig house can be taken to avoid breeding male pigs from masturbating due to abnormal stimulation; At the same time, we should strengthen the sport of breeding boars and establish a reasonable feeding management system.


(2) Management during idle period


The breeding and management of breeding boars should not be relaxed in the idle period when there is no breeding task. The feeding shall be carried out according to the nutrition requirements specified in the feeding standards, and it is not allowed to feed the boar casually, which will make the boar too fat or too thin, reduce the libido or cannot bear the heavy tasks during the breeding period, and affect the breeding value. Therefore, in the idle period, breeding management should be carried out in order to improve the physical condition of breeding boars, adjust and restore the physical condition of breeding boars, so as to play a better role in the next breeding period.


(3) Overuse of breeding boars


In the breeding season, we should not seek the immediate economy


The use of boars is allowed for the benefit, resulting in the overuse of boars and affecting the use value of boars in the future. Therefore, in practical work, we should try our best to act according to the established system, and we should not be greedy for immediate interests, lose the big by the small, and prematurely end the service life of a fine boar.


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